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Greenhouse tech can fill tomatoes production gap
Greenhouse tech can fill tomatoes production gap

The gap in tomatoes production in Nigeria currently put at about 1.4 million tonnes can be filled by the greenhouse technological concept which is capable of creating huge employment opportunity for Nigerians.
The Integrated Project Manager – Sustainable Livelihoods, Dizengoff Nigeria, Mr. Oscar Walumbe said that Nigeria consumes over 2.3 million tonnes of tomatoes annually, while it currently produces about 1.8 million tonnes locally. Speaking at a media field day in Lagos during the week, he said only 50% (0.9 million tonnes) of the produce makes it from farm to fork, thereby, creating an immediate gap of 1.4 million tonnes to filled.
Walumbe said the gap is essentially filled via importation, a scenario which puts more pressure on the demand for the already scarce US dollars.
He said Nigerians can now leverage on the immense opportunity offered by the Dizengoff Farmers’ Kits which can limit the foreign exchange spent on importing tomatoes annually while also providing employment for the country’s teeming but unemployed youths.



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