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Methods of Greenhouse Maintenance
In the face of sudden Blizzard, as long as we work together to deal with it, we must strengthen the greenhouses and clear the snow in time to reduce the pressure on the greenhouse.

1. Multi-span Greenhouse Snow Removal Method.

Since the multi-span greenhouse is not easy to clear snow, it should be installed at the top of the greenhouse with a warm air cylinder to melt snow from the top to the greenhouse gutter, and install snow melting on the top of the gutter (with antifreeze added) or below. Pipeline, or snow melting cable (blanket), melt the snow on the gutter to reduce the greenhouse load! The following sketches:


According to information, the heat source is shared with the greenhouse! Gutter external snowmelt tube, must pass antifreeze, use greenhouse power supply to install heat exchanger!

2. Greenhouse Snow removal method by Snow Blower

Sunlight greenhouses and single greenhouse are covered with insulation and people can stand up. The snow blowers can be used for clear snow, as shown below:


3.Greenhouse snow removal method by Fire water bag

Using a snow blower with hot air is slower. If the plastic film itself has been crushed by snow, it is easier to blow the broken place even more. A small area can try to connect wells and flush with fire water bags. It is said to be fast, but if the area of the greenhouse is too large, it will be difficult to implement.

4. Greenhouse Snow removal method by Manual 

Sunlight greenhouses and single greenhouse are not covered by insulation. People can't to stand up, they can only be cleared manually. As shown below:

Artificial snow removal can take a bamboo culm (about 5 meters long) and a plank that is 1 meter long and 20 centimeters wide to make a scraper when the snow reaches 5 to 7 centimeters thick. In the back of the greenhouse. When the snow is pushed gently, the snow will slide down the smooth film. In the process of operation, damage to the film should be avoided. A 60-meter-long greenhouse can be cleaned in 30 minutes, saving labor and energy.

5. Greenhouse Snow removal method by Natural snow falling

The condition can be covered with a layer of film on the grasshopper, if not, the grasshopper can be rolled up and placed on the back slope of the greenhouse. When the snow is about 8cm thick, it will automatically slide down on the smooth film. The 7-meter-wide greenhouse can automatically slide down 2/3. The greater the slope of the shed, the more automatically the slide down. This can effectively relieve the pressure of snow on the greenhouse.

6. Greenhouse Snow removal method by Salt

Some netizens wrote that ten acres of snow can be deposited in an acre shed of ten bags of edible salt, which is more cost-effective than manual snow removal.

When salt is added to the snow, the freezing point of the salt water will decrease, and the higher the salt concentration, the lower the freezing point.

Salt is just snow is not easy to freeze, the road is available. In the greenhouse, salt does not necessarily make snow become water, and partially snow does not necessarily flow down the top of the greenhouse, but it certainly can also play some role. If snow does not melt into the water, it will not reduce the greenhouse load. Health removes snow in time.

7. Greenhouse Snow removal method by Cutting film

If there is no pre-installed or prepared greenhouse for snow melting equipment, or even if snow melting equipment is installed or prepared, the snow is in an hurry, and if it is not melted in time or it is not clear snow, it can only be cut or dismantled. The sides of the ditch) cover the material (membrane or pc board) while preserving the greenhouse skeleton!

8. Greenhouse Snow removal method by Snow melting agent 

The snow melting principle of the chlorine salt snow melting agent is: After the chlorine salt snow melting agent is dissolved in water (snow), the freezing point of the solution drops below zero. If sodium chloride is dissolved in water, the freezing point is -10°C, calcium chloride is about -20°C, and the acetates are about -30°C. The dissolution of the salt reduces the freezing point of the salt-containing snow water, so it is difficult to form ice cubes after the salt has dissolved in the snow water.

The reason is that after the snow melting agent is dissolved in water, the concentration of ions in the water increases, so that the liquid vapor pressure of water decreases, but the solid vapor pressure of ice does not change. To reach the state where the ice-water mixture is in equilibrium and the vapor pressure of the solid-liquid phase is equal, the ice melts. Therefore, the snow-melting agent can be used to remove ice and snow, but the harm to the environment can not be ignored, in particular, it may be harmful to the soil and may also be detrimental to crops.

9. Greenhouse Snow removal method by Fire heating

When the snow is too big to get rid of, there are two piles of fire in each shed (note safety, the fire can not be too large).

10. Greenhouse Snow removal method by Adding support column

According to the width of the greenhouse, a column with a diameter of not less than 8 cm is added every two meters under the beam to enhance the capacity of the scaffold.

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